Amenities & Facilities

What We Offer

The Village of Youngstown is home to a community centre, curling rink, skating rink, and baseball diamonds, in addition to a modern K-12 school, library, playgrounds, and RV park. The Jock MacKinnon Memorial Recreation Centre offers three sheets of curling ice while the skating rink is natural ice. We also have rich and diverse cultural amenities such as the Back In Time Museum.

Youngstown School

Our K to 12 school is a cornerstone of our community and provides an innovative and nurturing place for students to excel.

Phone: 403 779 3822

The Youngstown Municipal Library

Phone: 403 779 3864

Youngstown Community Hall

Phone: 403 779 3802

Back in Time Museum

Phone: 403-619-8756

Jock MacKinnon Memorial Recreation Center

Phone: 403-779-3802


For the kids, our municipal playground on 2nd Ave. offers the chance to spend time outside in the warm sunshine while having fun with family and friends.


Visitors enjoy our municipal campground, which includes a covered building and flushable washrooms (open in season). A bulk water coin fill is also available at 102 2nd Ave.

Utilities in the Village

The Village of Youngstown has all the utilities found in large urban centres. The municipality provides water, sewer, and garbage pick up, with billing occurring every two months. Our water is treated and provided by Henry Kroeger Regional Water Services Commission and piped in from Hanna, giving our residents safe and clean water to enjoy. Other utilities are delivered through outside providers and are the responsibility of residents and business owners.

  • Water and sewer: Click here for water and sewer rates
  • Garbage: Garbage is usually picked up on Tuesday for residents and Tuesday and Friday for commercial businesses. Our landfill provides residents with a safe disposal method. The landfill can be reached at 403 779 3890.
  • Internet: Netago can now install fibre optic for fast internet service. This company is based in Hanna and can be reached at 403 854 4600.
  • Gas: East Central Gas Co-Op is located in nearby Hanna and can be reached at 403 854 4411.
  • Power: ATCO Electric provides power to the Village. They can be reached at 1 800 668 2248.
  • Phone: Telus provides Youngstown’s phone service. Reach them at 310 2255.