Our Village

The Perfect Balance Between Work and Family

Our story began in 1913, when the village was founded. Since the beginning, agriculture has been our primary industry and today it continues to be an important part of our future. Many of our agricultural operations are family farms, which allows our residents to find that balance between work and a rewarding lifestyle.


While we don’t really have all the time in the world, it can feel like it when you live in Youngstown. Fresh air and wide open spaces offer a chance to enjoy a balanced lifestyle that includes time spent in nature and with family and friends—a chance to breathe. At the same time, the Harvest Sky Region offers all the amenities found in urban centres as well as strong support for local businesses.


Youngstown’s other primary businesses are energy support services and local carpentry, automotive, and trade related work. Thanks to advanced high speed fiber internet, our residents also engage in e-commerce and work-from-home opportunities. With access to millions of customers and clients online combined with the perfect lifestyle balance, Youngstown makes the ideal place to work from home.


Our reputation for friendliness and freedom continues to grow, attracting many from outside the region—from snowbirds to young couples and families—who want to explore the rural, small town character and affordable, high-quality life the village offers. Volunteerism, recreation groups, and community clubs are also cornerstones of Youngstown and reflect the values of our residents and the community-minded commitments we share with our neighbours in the Harvest Sky Region.

The Great Outdoors and More

Thanks to abundant wildlife, there’s excellent hunting and fishing in the area, building Youngstown’s reputation as an outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise. Not surprisingly, we have a lot of visitors and the economic diversification that a growing tourism and recreation sector provides. Business development opportunities in the tourism sector are a significant growth opportunity for the village and we look forward to being able to offer our residents and visitors new experiences. If you’re thinking of investing in our region, contact us. We’re happy to help you figure out what you need to do to succeed.

A Picture’s Worth…

Get a glimpse of life in Youngstown. These photos give you a taste of our village and the Harvest Sky Region. But there’s nothing like seeing our part of the province in person, so we hope you’ll visit soon! If you have questions, contact us. We’re happy to help you find the answers and set yourself up for success in our region.