Planning & Development

Planning & Development

The Village has recently identified and is actively promoting private and public land for residential and commercial development. We are happy to provide detailed listing information, lot specifications, services availability, and more to encourage the growth of Youngstown.


For Development Permits, contact the Village Office or to download our application for a development permit click here. For Building Code and Safety Code questions, contact Palliser Regional Municipal Services.


The Village of Youngstown partners with the Palliser Regional Municipal Services Company to enhance our planning and development. Click here to learn more.

Planning Considerations

Planning Hierarchy


Land use planning in Alberta is carried out at the provincial, regional and municipal level. Planning may also be subject to federal and provincial regulations. The planning hierarchy diagram outlines the relationship of different levels of land use legislation.

Statutory Plans


Statutory plans are legal documents that the municipality, residents, and developers must follow. These plans are required through the Municipal Government Act and must be approved by Council.


Land Use Bylaw

Includes amendments up to and including January 2021


Land Use Bylaw Map

Includes amendments up to and including March 2021


Municipal Development Plan

As our community grows, careful planning allows us to ensure that we are appropriately managing land and infrastructure to continue to prosper. Our Municipal Development Plan helps guide our decisions.

Subdivisions and Appeals


The process of subdivision development is done through Palliser Regional Municipal Services and the Village of Youngstown.  Notify the Village of Youngstown of your intent and the Development Officer can assist with the process.


If you are planning to subdivide property within the Village limits you will need to make application through Palliser Regional Municipal Services to receive approval.


Any planning, development or subdivision process information can be found on the website of the Palliser Regional Municipal Services.