Pre-Construction Planning Continues on Proposed TCPL Keystone XL Pipeline Project

"In the Neighbourhood!” – Proposed $10 Billion 830,000 bpd TCPL Keystone XL Pipeline Project

The Village of Youngstown, a regional neighbour to the proposed TCPL Keystone XL Pipeline Project, continues to promote and increase awareness of Youngstown’s proximity and complementary project support amenities for the Keystone XL Project, including but certainly not exclusive to:

♦  M&C RV Park and Residential Development Sites,

♦  Ravel Paradise Motel and RV Park,

♦  Laughlin Heavy-Duty Mechanical/Maintenance Facility,

♦  Access Matting Storage and Logistics Project Integration Opportunities, and

♦  Ridgeline Environmental Waste Management and Logistics Services Project Integration Opportunities.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Shane Pospisil
Advantage Youngstown! Initiative
Direct: (780) 860-5100