Youngstown Snowbird Land Development Initiative

New West Opportunities Inc. (NWO), a firm specializing in Community and Economic Development and Residential, Commercial and Business Retention/Attraction has been contracted to work with the Village of Youngstown and private landowner partners to develop, undertake and help manage in implementing the Youngstown Snowbird Land Development Initiative.

NWO has extensive experience in these types of assignments, not just in Alberta, but across Western Canada and North America-wide.

NWO Partners and Project Leads on the Snowbird Land Development Initiative include:

Mr. Shane Pospisil
Senior Partner, Residential, Commercial and Business Retention/Attraction
Direct: (780) 860-5100

Mr. Shaun Green
Senior Associate, Community and Economic Development
Direct: (780) 271-1111

Mr. Tomek Wala
Senior Associate, Communications, Marketing and Business Development
Direct: (780) 983-1066